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WoWmodelview is a 3D model viewer for World of Warcraft. It uses the data files included with the game to display the 3D models from the game: creatures, characters, spell effects, doodads etc. You can dress up and customize the character models.

WoWmodelview is released under the GNU General Public License.


The latest version is 0.4

Download WoWmodelview 0.4
Download source code

The newest item list (2005.09.15.) is included in 0.4


Q: It doesn't have (new item from latest patch)! / It displays (recently updated item) incorrectly!
A: Sorry. The database of items and their corresponding models/textures is not public, and it's not easy to keep a current database compiled. Please try the newest item list, see above.

Q: Can I change my character's in-game appearance with this?
A: No, please use an mpq editor for that.

Changes since the last version

0.4 0.3 0.2



0.4 Screenshot 1 0.4 Screenshot 2
0.4 Screenshot 3 0.4 Screenshot 4


0.3 Screenshot 1


0.2 Screenshot 1 0.2 Screenshot 2


0.1 Screenshot 1 0.1 Screenshot 2
0.1 Screenshot 3 0.1 Screenshot 4

Development and future plans

All model loading/rendering etc. is based on WoWmapview, with a few changes.

Plans for future development: bug fixes, interface improvements, adding some smaller features. For model exporting, try this.

As always, contribution is welcome. The wiki has a lot of documentation on all the WoW file formats.

Legalese and links

World of Warcraft is (C) Copyright 2005, Blizzard Entertainment.
Contents of the World of Warcraft data files are the property of Blizzard Entertainment.

Uses wxWidgets and wxDockit.

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