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WoWmapview is a 3D map viewer for World of Warcraft. It uses the data files included with the game to display the 3D game world, which you can explore by flying anywhere. It allows access to off-limits developer areas and unfinished instance maps.

The reverse engineering of the game data files is a work in progress, so obviously the viewer is neither perfect nor complete, and definitely not optimized.

WoWmapview is released under the GNU General Public License.

Also check out WoWmodelview, a standalone model viewer.


The latest version is 0.5

Download WoWmapview 0.5
Download source code

Changes since the last version

0.5 0.4


Since I'm not as qualified of a programmer as the professionals at Blizzard, this map viewer is not really geared towards being fast or efficient. The WoW client does a good job of determining what is and isn't visible, and only showing a small subset at a time - WoWmapview loads larger map chunks at once, and caches the recent areas, so there are small delays as new map areas are loaded. And of course, loading all this stuff makes it fairly memory-hungry.

System requirements for WoWmapview:



0.5 Screenshot 1 0.5 Screenshot 2
0.5 Screenshot 3 0.5 Screenshot 4 0.5 Screenshot 5 0.5 Screenshot 6

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Reverse engineering World of Warcraft

Detailed documentaton (now in a Wiki) for the game data formats for those interested in the technical side. Any help or input with the reverse engineering would be appreciated.

Legalese and links

World of Warcraft is (C) Copyright 2005, Blizzard Entertainment.
Contents of the World of Warcraft data files are the property of Blizzard Entertainment.

Version 0.3 uses SFmpqapi to read from MPQ files.

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